Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan:

"Recourse to the Holy See does not stay a bishop's decision to merge parishes. As such, the merge of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Saint Joseph Parishes will, as planned, take effect on August 1, 2015, as will all parish mergers in the Archdiocese of New York".




History of Poland

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Saint Joseph Church

Our church is a Polish– American Roman Catholic parish and has become the center of Polish religious, cultural, and social life.    

Our parish is a place where Polish values are proclaimed and upheld and also a place where Poles and non-Poles can express fully their fidelity to God. We are not in any sense a closed community, and we welcome all Americans and all ethnic groups to our church.  A key Polish value is openness to the universal mission of the Church, and thus we try to make our church a place in which our friends and neighbors of non-Polish background can feel comfortable practicing their Catholic faith.

If you are interested in the Catholic faith, which flows forth from a 1000-year old Polish culture, traditions and customs, please visit our church.

Parafia polska w Poughkeepsie prowadzi działalność duszpasterską dla społeczności polskiej i amerykanskiej.  W duchu polskiej tradycji katolickiej celebrowane są niedziele i święta roku kościelnego.

Codziennie odprawiane są Msze Święte. Duszpasterstwo i edukacja religijna prowadzone są pośród dzieci, młodzieży i dorosłych. Żywą działalność prowadzi szkoła polska.


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